Quality policy

Quality policy of the company Zlieváreň SEZ Krompachy, a.s.

Our long – term strategy in the company leads to continual improvement of all the operations and processes which are important for meeting of customer requests every time.

We have set the quality policy for following areas in order to fulfil the long – term strategy of the company:

  1. Top management of the company creates conditions for continuous improvement of the established quality management system.
  2. With quality of our products we fulfill customers requests and also good reputation of our company.
  3. Our company creates products, which fulfill customers requirements, safety and protect environment and with their parameters conforms the requirements of international norms.
  4. With a suitable marketing strategy we contribute to competitveness at the market and we secure sources for next effective company growth.
  5. With creation of sources, we secure working environment and conditions for each worker to give the best work performance in his work assignment.
  6. Through an appropriate worker choice and their education we create conditions for individual knowledge which are necessary for work performance or personal provision of each functions and activity in company.
  7. All processes of quality management are evaluated due to continual improvement.
  8. Management of the company guarantees responsibility for keeping all requests and processes of the Quality Management System in order to be in compliance with valid legislative regulations.
  9. Through support of the process management we constantly provide best company image.