The history of foundry industry in Krompachy has been dated since 1848. The newer stage of casting production made of grey cast iron began in the new electro-technical factory that time called MEZ Krompachy in 1949. In 1965 the new foundry was built, which was one of the plants of the state factory called SEZ Krompachy.

The contemporary juridical form – Zlieváreň SEZ Krompachy akciová spoločnosť (joint stock company) – was created in the privatizing process from the state factory SEZ Krompachy in 1992.

In stages came to extensive reconstruction and modernization of the core shop, the melting plant and of the machine molding shop in connection with the installation of the DISAMATIC moulding machine. Continuously comes to additional modernization of foundry in order to equip the foundry with everything necessary so that it is competitive in comparison with other European foundries. Due to this, the investment into simulation software MAGMA 5 from MAGMAsoft company had been made recently.

In present Zlieváreň SEZ Krompachy, a.s. is significant foundry,which exports more than 85% of the whole foundry production to the European markets (A, I, D, CH, FIN, S, B, F, CZ, H).