Environmental policy

1. Cooperate with state administration station for environment and specialized organisations for the purpose of improvement in the field of influence, protectio, prevention and new knowledge acquirement.

2. Follow valid regulations of all legal rules and other requirements – laws, regulations and orders related to protection of environment.

3. The system of environmental management shall be regularly checked and improved in compliance with the standard STN EN ISO 140001:20056, incl. setting and examinating of the environmental goals and target values.

4. The environmental programmes shall be taken in all operations due to minimizing of environmental pollution.

5. Improve the environmental profile of our company through setting, publishing and realizing how the environmental goals have been executed.

6. Objectively and precisely inform the employees, public, state administration and self-administration about achieved results and next intentions.

7. Encourage employees to minimize the waste volumes and use of waste separation.

8. Communicate with employees about importance of keeping all technological proceedings and work safety due to the environmental protection and their personal protection too, because we live and relax in the same region where we work and produce.

9. Secure the prevention and by using of preventing actions improve the environment protection by eliminating the causes right by the source.